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Below you will find a number of opportunities to provide financial support to the Chorus. Shipping and handling is included in these transaction fees.

In the Footsteps of Heroes

In the Footsteps of Heroes

Join the Arizona Women’s Chorus on their epic journey to Normandy for the D-day wreath-laying ceremony and celebration. Produced by Robert Ashbaugh Digital Design & Imaging, Tucson, AZ. $5.50 (More details) (Watch a track)

France DVD


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Our CDs cost $5.50 and were produced by the Arizona Women’s Chorus, Tucson, Arizona.

CD Sale


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Psalms and Masses

Our most recent CD, made from live recordings at various AWC’s concert venues. All tracks recorded and assembled by Trent Perkins, Whole Hearted Productions. (More details)

Earth, Sea & Sky

Made from a live recording of AWC’s Spring 2012 concert in collaboration with Jovert , a steel drum band from Tucson High School conducted by Khris Dodge. (More details)



This CD is a compilation of selections from the Spring 2009 Classics concert and the Spring 2008 Songs of the Poets concert. (More details)

A Winter Gift of Song

A Winter Gift of Song

This CD is a collection of live recordings from past holiday concerts. (More details)

Sponsorship and Donations

Join AWC’s Friends of the Chorus Club

For $25-$99 become a Friend of the Chorus; for $100-$499 join the Accompanist Circle; for $500-$999 join the Director’s Circle and enjoy preferred seating at all concerts; and for $1,000 (or more) become a member of the Founder’s Circle. As a member of the Founder’s Circle you will receive preferred seating at all concerts and enjoy a post-concert meeting with the director.

Sponsor a Singer for the semester

The women who sing in the Arizona Women’s Chorus are dedicated to providing beautiful choral music to southern Arizona. As a tribute to the singers, you are invited to sponsor one or more. For a $50 donation per singer, your name will appear with the name of the singer(s) you wish to sponsor for this season.

 Click here to send information to the Program Committee via e-mail (

General Funds

As our chorus continues to grow and expand our outreach to the community, so does our operating budget. Ticket sales and tuition generally do not cover these expenses and we rely on other means. Donations of any amount are welcome.

Concert Sponsorship

If you would be interested in sponsoring a concert, please contact us at for more information.



Donor Recognition

Thank you to the following donors for their generous contribution to the commissioning of “As We Sing We Live”:

Brian and Susan Cochran
Virgie Coen
Karen Wilson
Maureen Huckleberry
Clary Neil
Gayle Poe
Marilyn Rego

Bernice Duffy
Ron and Opal Gilmore
Sharon Harrington
Nancy Riccio
Carol Weinstein
Kim Kotov
Jeff Britt

Lisa Claborne
Elaine Powers
Marty McCune
Stuart Salasche
Els Duvigneau
Anne Magee
Robert Ashbaugh

The Arizona Women’s Chorus is a 501(c)3 organization through which donations will be sent to AWC. Consult your tax advisor regarding deductions.